On the Clash stage

We have band have been quietly building up a loyal following with their brand of jaunty indie pop throughout the year. Their WHB album is bursting with energy and fizzing with creativity. Today’s set is their debut with a live drummer and it’s made their sound larger, making them sound more a long term band rather than a cool project.

Kicking off with Divisive their nod to 80s electronic pop (listen to this then Obsession by Animotion and get back to me), is a purpose built festival anthem, the rumbling bass of Love, what you doing is prime time emotive pop whilst the title track to their album could pass off as a techno track made in Shoredtich via Detroit.

We Have Band are a well oiled festival machine now after playimg every festival you could think of and now augmented with a drummer it enables them to play out their rock pig dreams, the guitars are heavier, more intense and on songs like Oh! And You came out they realise that having fun and acting cool is a possibility. We jump up, we smile, we soak up the residue of the days sun while a acting kinda stooped and it’s all We Have Band’s doing, and for that, we salute them.

Words by Chris Todd

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