On the Clash stage

While the weather was deciding to drench or burn us, Ralph Cumbers AKA UK electronica artist DJ Base Clef’s murderous basslines ensured it was the latter.

Dropping glitch lo-fi electronica tracks with the heavy dub Mad Professor style reverberation smothered with dub step basslines so immense they’ll make you sick, but in a good way.
Whilst flicking switches and general boys toys he unleashes a huge trombone and starts strutting round the stage blowing for dear life and then back to the hub to sample it into a huge dancehall stomp acting like a kid in a sweet shop.

As well as sampling random horn instruments he’ll grab a cowbell, toot into a whistle and sample them live so they sound like a lone bird or a swarm of angry wasps whilst the the jittery grime-like beats ensure your feet stay on the dance floor.

Underpinning of all this are subtle and emotive techno sounds all culminating in a sophisticated interpretation of all the current sounds ruling the dance floor, top notch.

Words by Chris Todd

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