Nothing regal about this dross

There’s much a buzz about this electro pop four piece, believing the hype with this bunch is unfortunately misguided whoever it is in the band (Stuart Price is rumoured to be involved).
Dressed in grey suits and wearing masks, they think this gives them a Kraftwerk-esque aura of cool but it’s more likely that they’re so embarrassed about the godawful music they are peddling.

The synth lines are a heavy handed attempt at Giorgio Moroder style disco despite it sounding more like The Bravery. The ham fisted electro rock wants to be Brotherhood era New Order but the vocal histrionics come off more like Scissor Sisters fronted by Robbie Williams, a double dose of something extremely unpleasant. One track even tries to copy Clocks by Coldplay but sounds even more atrocious, one ‘Clocks’ by Coldplay is one too many… so why we need another is beyond comprehension.

The studied look of cool makes it painful to watch, it’s like they saw The Mighty Boosh electro boy sketch and didn’t realise it was a piss take, they are four Nathan Barley’s without the humour, they are La Roux without the interesting hair. If Chris Moyles was having an edgier moment he’d probably play this and think it was a stroke of genius.

They may be called Monarchy but there’s nothing regal about this dross

Words by Chris Todd

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