On the Clash stage
Big Chill 2010: Caribou

Whilst some opted for Patrick Wolf on the main stage, Saturday night at the Big Chill was inevitably focused on the big guns and Caribou. Labelled as a talented newcomer and an electronic machine, Caribou’s Dan Snaith graced the Clash stage in an ashamedly coy manner. Hidden behind an excessive crowd of American Apparel wearing, Ray Ban laced kids, Dan remains as cool as the other side of the pillow. Yet it’s the very paradox that makes his act so appealing. With a PHD in mathematics and the added factor of sharing the same birthplace as Bryan Adams, surely he shouldn’t appeal to the kids of today? Yet the hype shown through their surprisingly large turn out is testament to his musical expertise and well accepted geek persona.

Technically everything works as well as it should off ’Swim’, their album released this year. As impressive to watch as it is hear, the attraction throughout are the drums. Rare as it is for a drum solo to receive whistles, watching the effort involved in the tribal-esque heavy drum beats and even double drum assembly- with Dan occasionally switching percussion - showed despite their lack of experience at the festival scene, they were pros.

Favourite ‘Odessa’, did not fail to be song of the moment with Snaith breaking out in to an impressive flute solo that would shame the likes of Ron Burgandy. Whilst the majority of the crowd became unrivalled lyrically in knowing track for track, those without knowledge of Caribou’s skills were drawn in to the ever growing crowd. New or old, geek or overtly try hard, Caribou invited in a versatile array of people and still kept it fresh.

Words by Anna Conrad

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