Bourbon-based parties hit the capital

Four Roses, one of the leading purveyors of bourbon in the UK, has teamed up with Clash to present a series of very special gigs in London.

Inspired by the drink’s heritage during America’s prohibition years, the three secret events are designed to be experienced by few, but told to many.

The third Speakeasy event took take place on 30th September at The Camp in London with DJ and author Bill Brewster curating. Performing live on the night were mock & toof while Darkstarr's DJ Cosmo was also present doing her thing.

View a photo gallery and read an accompanying live review from the event HERE.

The first event was curated by Trojan Records, and was headlined by the legendary Jerry Dammers from The Specials, UK house don Rob Mello and the mighty Soul Jazz Sound system.

Read a review of the Trojan Records curated Speakeasy
View a photo gallery from the night .

The second Speakeasy took take place on 19th August at Dalston Superstore with Johnno Burgess of Bugged Out! fame in the curator's seat. Appearing was Erol Alkan, Justin Robertson and Tayo.

Read a live review of the Bugged Out curated Speakeasy
View a photo gallery from the night.


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