Audio commentary from their new live album...

Fink is - in essence - the work of one man.

Fin Greenall began life as a dance producer, before re-discovering his love affair with the guitar. Working in a haphazard, solitary fashion the songwriter has been able to build up an imposing back catalogue and a devoted fanbase that stretches far beyond the UK.

Now, though, Fink is very much a group proposition. Sure, each show is grounded in Greenall's work but the performance relies as much, say, one a snare crack as it does on the curvature of the chord sequence. It's a delicate balance, one the group arguably perfected on their recent tour.

Fancy some evidence? Well, Fink have just polished off their first ever live album. 'Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet' gathers recordings from their recent tour, dates which saw Fink travel more than 22,000 miles and play massive dates around the globe.

A lavish package, 'Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet' boasts the band’s tour diary, never-before-seen backstage snapshots, and a host of live photography from across the tour. Alongside this, 'Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet' also features audio commentary from each member of Fink: whether it's reflecting on an individual performance, their time in a certain city or simply what it's like to go on the road this is an intriguing glimpse behind the curtain.

Listen to it below.

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Fink are set to play the following UK show:

27 London Shepherd's Bush Empire

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