Best of the multicoloured hits

Regrets to all those who didn't make the final cut, but here it is, the 'creme de la creme' of technicolour hits. From Jimi Hendrix to Grandmaster Flash, Clash takes a look at the top ten tracks with colours in the title.

10. Coldplay – Yellow

Chris Martin's melancholic ode to unrequited love only just sneaks into the top ten as it was a mere twist of fate the song was actually named 'Yellow'. Martin, after writing most of the song was unable to think of the word he felt aptly summed it up – on glancing at the closest thing to him, the song was named... It just so happened he was next to a yellow pages! Martin jokes: "In an alternate universe, this song could be called Playboy”.Nice to see this ballad was well thought out.

- - -

9. Mogwai - Golden Porsche

From the album 'Happy Songs for Happy People', 'Golden Porsche' presents a sound from Mogwai which is more Americana than post – rock, embellished with mellow bass and piano. The album title seems less ironic when listening to this track, happy may not be the first emotion springing to mind when listening to Mogwai, but the emotional simplicity of 'happy' seems perfectly suiting, and anyway, who wouldn't be happy with a golden Porsche!

- - -

8. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion

With an almost identical opening to Queen's 'We Will Rock You', 'Gold Lion' was the first single from their second album which came roaring into the limelight, featuring on Yves Saint Laurent's perfume ad and on an episode of Grey's Anatomy. Coupled with an equally rip-roaring video, the track is every bit as ferocious as it's title.

- - -

7. Grandmaster Flash - White Lines

Originally intended to be an ironic celebration of the cocaine-fuelled party lifestyle, the track was abridged as a concession to commercial consideration, by the afterthought of 'Don't Don't Do It' in brackets after the song title. The song reached a whopping number 7 in the UK Singles Chart in 1984, lasting 17 weeks in the top 40 and becoming 1984's 13th best selling single. A true homage to 80s rap....'Something like a phenomenon'!

- - -

6. Felix Da Housecat - Silver Screen (Shower Scene)

The first release from Felix Da Housecat's album 'Kittenz and Thee Glitz', 'Silver Screen Shower Scene' featuring Miss Kittin is a dancefloor favourite to say the least. The single contains a sample from the Ben Liebrand remix of The Flirts' single 'Passion', along with alluring vocals of French native Miss Kittin. Felix, arguably one of the pioneers of electroclash, has undoubtedly provided one of the club tracks of the 2000s... perhaps it really is sweet seduction.

- - -

5. Prince - Purple Rain

Purple Rain is the title track from Prince's first album recorded with his backing group – The Revolution. With the album regularly ranking amongst the best in rock history, a tribute definitely needs paid to this gem of a track, which oozes 80s vibes - synthesizers, drum machines and general avant garde pop music. Having played the track on practically every tour since 1984, it would appear this is one we will just never get bored of!

- - -

4. Goldfrapp - Black Cherry

With no further elaboration on meaning than it's about “personal stuff”, Goldfrapp's 2004 single 'Black Cherry' stands well without explanation. With the soft vocals of Alison Goldfrapp and delicate melodies throughout, the song becomes one of the most ethereal chill out tracks ever.The sweet darkness of the title sums the track up perfectly.

- - -

3. Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze

Hailed as an archetypical psychedelic drug song of the sixties, Jimi Hendrix's guitar phenomenon 'Purple Haze' sums up not only an entire era of music, but also remains solidly in its place amongst the best guitar tracks in history - even to this day, 43 years on. The song, which to many is Hendrix's signature track, and is still being praised as one of the top songs of all time, looks as though it is set to be kissing the sky for a little longer.

- - -

2. The Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar

Despite becoming a number 2 hit in the UK and number 1 in the US on its release in 1971, the lyrics of 'Brown Sugar' have been of persistent interest and controversy ever since. With a sound definitive of the Rolling Stones in the Seventies, 'Brown Sugar' is filled to the brim with bluesy hard rock.

- - -

1. New Order - Blue Monday

This seven and a half minute wonder has been described as the biggest selling single of all time, despite its profits being mostly invested in the renowned Hacienda night club. New Order's 'Blue Monday' is continually reinvented, with its first release in 1983, then remix versions in 1988 and 1995, the track still remains a popular club anthem. The instantly recognisable throbbing synth bass line, topped off with bass guitar leads and despite lacking a standard verse-chorus structure, 'Blue Monday' is a pop tune which was both typical of and very before its time.

- - -

Words by Lauren McConville


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