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Satellite tour

There's a certain pattern, a tried-and-tested logic to organising a tour.

Dates thread through the UK, passing some of the important cities, the touchstones which tastemakers have deemed important. Sadly, though, this approach ignores the rest of us.

The Satellite Tour aims to re-dress the balance, grabbing three new acts for an old fashioned package tour. Tickets will be kept at a recession-busting £4 - that's FOUR POUNDS - and you'll be able to soak up music from Fred Page, Eliza And The Bear and Sons & Lovers.

With the tour set to open later this month, Clash invited Fred Page, James Kellegher (Eliza And The Bear) and Tom Lillywhite (Sons And Lovers) to take charge of our latest singles column.

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The Family Rain - Trust Me I'm A Genius

Eliza And The Bear - I like that massive guitar sound - who were the band that did that 'Hang Me Out To Dry'?
Sons & Lovers - Cold War Kids.
Eliza And The Bear - That's the one. It’s quite Cold War Kids. A bit more rock n roll than them.
Fred Page - It's cool that its structure is different - it’s not verse-chorus-verse-chorus.
Eliza And The Bear - It's got a nice groove when it starts out, but it's not long enough. Could definitely build into something more.
Fred Page - I like it.

Pusha T - Nosetalgia

Eliza And The Bear - I'd say Kendrick (Lamar) outshines Pusha T on that.
Sons & Lovers - Definitely when he comes in.
Fred Page - I really like it.
Eliza And The Bear - I think Pusha T has been listening to too much Kanye, though.
Sons & Lovers - Really like those little drops he did before Kendrick came in.

The Fratellis - She's Not Gone Yet But She's Leaving

Fred Page - I think that’s really pretty terrible.
Sons & Lovers - When did they have their big songs? 2004? 2005?
Fred Page - It sounds like a bad Arctic Monkeys impression.
Sons & Lovers - It needed to go somewhere else about halfway through.
Fred Page - Yeah, onto a different song.

Whales in Cubicles - All The Pretty Flowers

Eliza And The Bear - It’s got under 1000 views on YouTube so you know they’re going to be reading this.
Sons & Lovers - Very Radiohead.
Fred Page - It's quite a 90s sounding track.
Sons & Lovers - I'd probably listen to this at home.
Eliza And The Bear - The vocals remind me a lot of Smashing Pumpkins.
Fred Page - I prefer the verse to the chorus. Not that I don’t like the verse.
Sons & Lovers - It's cool. I like it.

Tinie Tempah - Lover Not A Fighter

Fred Page - Of course, he’s bull fighting with sports cars (in the video). Why wouldn't he be?
Sons & Lovers - He’s known for his subtlety!
Fred Page - I don’t mind it. I quite like it.
Eliza And The Bear - It's definitely not as good as 'Earthquake'.
Fred Page - 'Earthquake' was great!
Sons & Lovers - Ah man, I love 'Earthquake'.
Fred Page - Let's just talk about 'Earthquake'. Big tune!
Eliza And The Bear - Production is great. Verses are cool. Chorus doesn’t do anything for me.

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The Satellite tour contains the following shows:

Canterbury The Ballroom
High Wycombe Bucks New Uni SU
Ipswich The Malthouse
Rotherham The Trades
10 York The Duchess
11 Carlisle Brickyard
13 Ayr The Basement Coffee House
14 Dumfries The Venue
15 Durham The Fishtank
17 Preston The Ferret
18 Conwy The Departure Lounge
20 Aberystwyth Aberystwyth Uni SU
21 Witney Fat Lils
22 Exeter The Cavern

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