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The entire process of working in a rock band has changed completely.

More and more groups are opening themselves up to fresh influences, using technology in exciting new ways. Take The Milk: on the surface, a fast rising guitar group but underneath this familiar chassis lies a very new approach.

Working with Brad Baloo of production team The Nextmen, debut album 'Tales From The Thames Delta' moulds together hip hop, soul, drum 'n' bass and plenty more.

When it gels, The Milk are capable of producing music unlike any other new band in the country. There's a Motown stomp here, alongside upfront beats and anthemic choruses worthy of Springsteen.

A refreshing, inventive introductory document, 'Tales From The Thames Delta' is one of the more surprising debut offerings yet to be coughed up by 2012.

Out today, you can stream The Milk's debut album exclusively via ClashMusic below.

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'Tales From The Thames Delta' is out now.

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