An exclusive mix...
The Computers

There's more to dance music than just electronic beats, y'know...

In fact - last time we checked - it's possible to dance to most things. The Computers seem to know this as well, and each time the band get behind the decks they seem determined to demonstrate exactly what they mean.

Arranging a short free entry British tour, The Computers are set to compliment each show with an exclusive DJ set mirroring their own Disco Sucks club nights. Rifling through the record crates, the band will piece together a deeply individual set for each show drawing on classic soul, garage, psych and more.

The band are gearing up for the release of new single 'Disco Sucks' on February 4th, designed to coincide with their upcoming album. To compliment this, The Computers have pieced together an exclusive mix for ClashMusic.

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The good people at Clash magazine asked us to make a short playlist of songs that we might play at a Disco Sucks club night. So, in no order at all, here are sixteen songs you will hear us spinning. Pretty tough job as we're drawing on the last sixty years of soul and rock 'n' roll. That being said we're sure there is nothing that came out after 1977 on this list.

Stay Wild!

The Computers xx

Gloria Jones – Tainted Love
You know this one right? No baby it ain't a Marilyn Manson song. We do dig the Soft Cell version though.

The Elgins – Heaven Must Have Sent You
These guys have got to be one of the most underrated Motown groups.

Marvin Gaye – Little Darling (I Need You)
No-one does it like Marvin does it!

Jr. Walker & The All Stars – I Ain't Going Nowhere
Sax appeal.

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – Whole Lot Of Shakin' In My Heart (Since I Met You) - Stereo Version
To pick one Smokey song is the toughest thing ever. Smokey is one of the best song writers........... ever.

Al Wilson – The Snake
This is a big song. Some might even say a banger. FYI the snake he's talking about in the song is a man.

The Rolling Stones – Dance Little Sister - 2009
Re-Mastered Digital Version You may not have heard of these guys but we predict big things for them in 2013.

Mamie Galore – It Ain't Necessary
It is necessary. We told you.

Marlena Shaw – Let's Wade In The Water 
The bass in this song is so phat it can only be spelt with a ph. Honest. 

The Dirtbombs – I Can't Stop Thinking About It
If you haven't ever heard of these guys that’s a shame, but hey you live, you learn. Now check them out.

Jackie Wilson – Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want To Meet)
We think this song was on a Persil washing powder advert when we were really small. But we might have just made that up. Either way Jackie knows what he’s doin'.

Sam Cooke – Sam Cooke-Twistin' The Night Away
One of the best voices of all time, this is Sam doing his twist thing. Sam Cooke died in a really rubbish, rubbish way. We think you will agree. Go and Google it.

Wilson Picket – Land of 1000 Dances
Wilson Wilson, not only do you have a cool name you get to sing some fucking great songs! And wear quite big hats in later life.

The Isley Brothers – Shout
This is by far the best version of this classic song.

Little Richard – Long Tall Sally
Introducing the king of rock 'n' roll and by the king we mean his Majesty!

Percy Sledge – Dark End Of The Street
Now this is a song!!!! A tale of two lovers on the dark end of the street. Al loves Percy Sledge so much he named his dog after him.

- - -

The Computers are set to play the following free entry shows:

21 London The Lexington
23 Manchester Roadhouse
24 Glasgow Bar Bloc
25 Birmingham The Sunflower Lounge
26 Bristol The Mothers Ruin

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