German duo deliver an - ahem - off piste take on the week's releases...
Super Flu

To be a great DJ takes plenty of character.

Sure, you need expert tune selection, and plenty of technical dexterity, but you also have to get up there and sell your set.

Super Flu certainly have tonnes of character - the German duo are one of electronic music's most recognisable tag-teams, capable of rocking crowds across Europe and beyond.

Set to return to London for a New Year show, Clash decided to put Super Flu in charge of our weekly singles column... we we're quite prepared for what came back!

- - -

- - -

Corinne Bailey Rae - 'The Skies Will Break'

This one is so awesome! We love the chords at the beginning and the subtle kick-drum in the middle part. Sometimes we sing the song in the car when we drive 300km per hour on the autobahn.

- - -

Green Day - 'Revolution Radio'

We started as a punk rock duo before we discovered techno and house so we learned this song at our first punk lesson. It is also the song of Felik’s first kiss. The best part of the track is the quiet one at 03:05min.

- - -

Jason Derulo - 'Kiss The Sky'

OMG! This is the best song we heard during the last 10 seconds. We downloaded the whole album on zippyshare for our walkman. Now we are ready to kiss the sky.

- - -

Leann Rimes - 'How To Kiss A Boy'

Kissing is so important in songs. So this song is a killer tune with all the kisses. By the way we often kiss each other to find the ideal way how to kiss a boy.

- - -

M.I.A ft. Zayn - 'Freedun'

This track definitely needs more bass. But actually the song is about Mathias and M.I.A. They broke up two years ago because M.I.A. became too famouse and decided to have a famouse boyfriend too. Poor Mathias.

- - -

Norah Jones - 'Flipside'

This is one of our favourite bathroom songs. You can here the deepnes of this great song, at the beginning and the end. By the way, we helped Norah with the hook and she gave us 5 Euro for the help.

- - -

Pitbull ft. Flo Rida & Lunchmoney Lewis - 'Greenlight'

The one song where we wish it would have been our idea. We started in Germany as real gangster rappers and Pitbull was always our idol. We wish him all the best, but we want our cars back!

- - -

Ronan Keating - 'In Your Arms'

This is the perfect song for a MMA cage fight.

Fuck... the Pitbull song is still stuck in our head!

- - -

Super Flu play LWE’s now sold-out New Year’s Day show at Tobacco Dock. For more info and future LWE events, please visit

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