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Hear that? It's the sound of dubstep splintering into a thousand new sounds.

Exploding, expanding in a myriad of new directions, the space left behind by dubstep is proving to be a fertile ground for new artists. Pulling influences from across the electronic sphere, Brighton three piece DrDr are busy mapping out new possibilities, new directions.

Led by production duo Chris Campbell and Joe Woods, the pair use the cushion of bass saturation to sketch out their material. Joined by vocalist Donna Curson, there's a soulful edge here which is reminiscent of Massive Attack's more fractured moments, or even Burial's playful manipulation of samples.

Working with Champion Records, new EP 'No Compromise' is out now. Containing six tracks, the release nods towards the sprung UK Garage kick of SBTRKT while retaining a love for glitchy, Warp style electronics.

Containing three original tracks, 'No Compromise' is complimented by a trio of remixes. Lead track 'Addicted' is twisted and pulled in three different directions, with Aaron Lipsett, Polkadot and Math Times Joy all adding their own voice to DrDr's suggestive, promising production.

Listen to those three studio tracks - plus a remix from Bwana - below.

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'No Compromise' EP is out now.


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