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South London Ordnance

South London is a pressure cooker.

A cavalcade of different cultures collapsed into winding streets which stretch away from the Thames, South London applies a unique kind of dissonance to its residents.

Little wonder then, that South London Ordnance is so resolute in treading his own path. Via a string of releases across several cutting edge labels the producer has made a name for himself as a practitioner of mutilated, adventurous yet straight ahead, techno.

Yet there's a pirate spirit here, too - it's there in the odd sonic nod towards the rave era, the producer's rough-edged, warts 'n' all approach. Set to play Room 1 of Fabric on November 22nd, the dextrous selector lines up alongside such varied talents as Dusky, Huxley, Roska and Paul Woolford. (Details)

Ahead of this, South London Ordnance has pieced together a new Autumn mix. A deft, varied mix it fuses a string of exclusive new cuts with some tips from the London based artist. In his own words: "Collection of tracks I've been playing out at shows at the moment, including new music from Will & Ink, Blue Hour, Jon Convex & myself - in amongst some great records I love playing: stuff from the Shoot The Lobster guys over in NYC, a new artist - Stag, Levon etc, plus a cut off the recent 'Prince of Denmark' LP which I've had on constant rotation at home..."

Listen to it below.

1. Bleak - Isolated (Sudden Drop)
2. Levon Vincent - Woman Is The Devil (Deconstruct Music)
3. Truncate - Ratio 3 (Truncate)
4. Blue Hour - Meridian (Blue Hour)
5. OL047 - #31# (Roberto Clementi Remix) (Transition Lab Recordings)
6. Will & Ink - Second Wilson (Will & Ink / Delsin)
7. South London Ordnance - Vertigo (CDR)
8. Jon Convex - Haste (CDR)
9. Truncate - 31 (DJ Hyperactive Remix) (Gynoid Audio)
10. Skudge - Melodrama (Skudge Records)
11. Roman Poncet - SSSN02 (Figure)
12. Grayson Revoir - Hammer In Each Hand (Shoot The Lobster)
13. Developer - Dirty Drive (Shifted Remix) (Modularz)
14. Prince of Denmark - Cut 02 (Giegling Germany)
15. Stag - Ethos (CDR)
16. Conforce - Temporary Reversals (Delsin)

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