Clash readers select their songs of England...
Saint George

Today is St George’s Day. What does that actually mean for most people up and down England? Um… we’re not completely sure. We expect sales of England flags might go up a little.

Clash invited its Twitter followers to submit songs that reminded them most of England, whether the country’s their home or not. And here’s a selection of the suggestions we received. Thanks, all.

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@theparadeuk suggests: Procol Harum, ‘A Whiter Shade Of Pale’



@scatmur suggests: The Sundays, ‘Can’t Be Sure’


@jackjamieprince (and several others) suggests: The Jam, ‘English Rose’


@c4lif0rnication suggests: The Beatles, ‘I Am The Walrus’


@spider_meringue suggests: Fat Les, ‘Vindaloo’


@andnowhearthis suggests: New Model Army, ‘Green And Grey’


@hoppybhoy suggests: The Stone Roses, ‘Elizabeth My Dear’


@james_barry_ suggests: The Clash, ‘Up In Heaven (Not Only Here)’ (we also had several shouts for 'London Calling', naturally)


@hug_the_dj suggests: The Who, ‘My Generation’



@danlucas86 suggests: The Kinks, ‘Village Green Preservation Society’


@_aka_hiuge suggests: Madness, ‘Our House’


@djdaveclarke suggests: PJ Harvey, ‘Let England Shake’


@kat_girl85 suggests: Frank Turner, ‘Rivers’


@DWTILEY suggests: Syd Barrett, ‘Bike’


@jaylcookie suggests: Chas & Dave, ‘That’s What I Like’


…and one from Clash’s own @MikeDiver: Roots Manuva, ‘Witness (1 Hope)’


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Thanks for all of your suggestions – there were many more we didn’t have room for here. Pats on the back all round.

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