Returning rapper checks out the latest single releases...

Ghostpoet, aka Obaro Ejimiwe, releases his second album on May 6th, the rather-excellent-indeed ‘Some Say I So I Say Light’. You can read Clash’s review of the follow-up to the London-based artist’s Mercury Prize-nominated debut, ‘Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam’, here

Obaro kindly removed his ears from focusing on his own material to cover the latest crop of new-release tracks for Clash. And here’s what he had to say…

- - -

Little Mix feat. Missy Elliott – ‘How Ya Doin’?’

I was tricked into continually listening to this track due to the stolen hook from a classic, the stolen bassline from a classic, and I just had to hear with my own ears if Missy Elliott really featured on this utter tripe. What a song, it's like being tied to a chair in a white-painted room with multi-coloured shit being thrown at you from every direction.”

- - -

Primal Scream – ‘It’s Alright, It’s OK’

“Such a feel-good record, this will put me in a exceedingly nice mood when it's my time to throw some sausages on the barbecue this summer... Wish I had hair like Bobby Gillespie.”

- - -

Gabrielle Aplin – ‘Panic Chord’

“Standard inoffensive folky stuff here I feel, a few interesting lyrics here, a well-timed bridge there. I got distracted before the end and went back to listening to Kurt Vile, sorry.”

- - -

Thirty Seconds To Mars – ‘Up In The Air’ 

“With it being, in total, eight minutes and 31 seconds long, I thought best to put the kettle on and prepare some digestives to dunk. And er, hmm, the video was, er, interesting I guess... It reminded me of the video for the Red Hot Chili Peppers track ‘Can't Stop’ in places for some reason; but that song is way more fun, of course. This song and the video for it takes itself too seriously I feel: it's like my senses are supposed to be shaken but I ended up just stirring my tea and rather enjoying my brew a little bit more.”

- - -

Hot Natured – ‘Reverse Skydiving’

“The title of this song caught my attention: I’ve always thought about giving skydiving a go, and if they actually played this on my flight I could be tempted to give it a try if only to escape this drivel. It's just rather boring. It plods along, features a weak drop, plods along some more, and I feel like minutes of my life have been lost forever.”

- - -

Noah And The Whale – ‘There Will Come A Time’

“This song wasn't really anything new from these guys. It's got a catchy chorus I guess, but I just didn't feel challenged by it overall. The video was rather confusing, an interesting concept but too much squeezed in too short a period of time in my opinion. If only they could have swapped their video budget with 30 Seconds To Mars’ for this one song. Now that would have been an interesting watch. One can dream.”

- - -

Ghostpoet’s ‘Some Say I So I Say Light’ album is released on May 6th. You can see him live as follows (official website for more details):

18 – Coventry, Kasbah
21 – Liverpool, East Village Arts Club
22 – Sheffield, Queens Social Club
23 – Newcastle, The Cluny
24 – Glasgow, Broadcast
25 – Edinburgh, Electric Circus
26 – Bristol, Love Saves The Day Festival
27 – Bournemouth, The Winchester
28 – Manchester, Gorilla
29 – Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
30 – London, Village Underground

- - -

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