Featuring VVV, Rudi Zygadlo and more...

So that was The Stone Roses, then.

It seems obligatory to kick off a music feature with a nod towards the resurrected Mancs. Even those who are seemingly not phased by their return feel the overwhelming need to stamp their feet and screech 'I AIN'T BOVVERED!' at the top of their voice.

...and now onto the singles.

Single Of The Week

Weird Dreams / Girls Names
Tough Love are one of our favourite UK indie (as a style, not a marketing bracket) labels right now. Producing some sublime albums, the imprint has managed to coax new material out of two of their foremost signings.

Weird Dreams supply 'House of Secrets' an intoxicating blend of headspinning psych that stretches out over five and a half oscillating minutes. Girls Names, meanwhile, offer up 'A Troubled See' which finds the band perfecting their shimmering indie pop template. All round, a pretty vital release.

- - -

And the rest...

VVV – I’ll Cut You
Startling. Outrageous. Unmissable. All words you could use to describe the VVV live show, all phrases uttered by the ClashMusic team after we put them on earlier this year. Suffice to say, ‘I’ll Cut You’ follows suit – all jagged post-punk melodies and near Industrial levels of patient dis-quiet it’s a masterful study in how to play the heart rate of your audience. A deeply promising statement from the London group, ‘I’ll Cut You’ comes equipped with a video containing the sort of body horror David Chronenburg has nightmares about.

Dirty Projectors - Gun Has No Trigger
Dirty Projectors aren't really the sort of band to make poor singles. Seeming to never quite dip below 'really rather good' their run of seven inches charts the rise of a significant, daring force. 'Gun Has No Trigger' isn't exactly another right turn, but it does enshrine the off kilter songwriting we've come to know, love and expect (pretty please!) from Dirty Projectors.

Dirty Projectors - Gun Has No Trigger

- - -

Field Music – Who’ll Pay The Bills
Will Field Music be forever tagged as ‘perennially under-rated’? It’d be nice for the North East group to wake up one morning find themselves famous, but somehow we don’t think that’ll happen. It’s not for want of trying, we suppose, with ‘Who’ll Pay The Bills’ presenting a great case for stardom. They might never be able to afford a limousine equipped with angel delight on tap, but they'll always earn a place on the Clash stereo with cuts like these.

Rudi Zygadlo – Melponmene
Hailing from Glasgow, Rudi Zygadlo has been patiently completing and releasing beautiful electronic music for some time. The producer’s upcoming release, though, will surely win him a far wider audience. Stripped from said LP, ‘Melponmene’ is a beautifully layered, Steve Reich inspired composition which builds up into an ornate, emotional sound piece. An appropriately chilled way to end your Monday!

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