With Alt-J, Richard Hawley

Audio appraised in this week's stroll through some of the singles released on 16th July 2012 includes Alt-J, Richard Hawley, Slugabed and Deaf Club.

I never know whether to write it as Alt-J or actually press the keys to produce . It's all too much for me sometimes this Twenty First Century living. Perhaps to cover up my fears I've made THAT BAND's 'Tessellate' Single Of The Week (but also for the right reasons too).

Alt-J - Tessellate

We had them pegged for greatness as one of our Ones To Watch back in January so it's good to see them deliver the goods with their debut album and a run of great, odd but never wilfully weird, singles.

Richard Hawley - Down in the Woods

I loved the first track off his 'Standing At The Sky's Edge' album, 'Leave Your Body Behind You', and I love this one too. Yep, I really do. A bit more of a straight forward rocker than the first single, Mr Hawley's delve into this young person's music sure has paid off.

Slugabed – Mountains Come Out of the Sky

A kind of ebbing and flowing analogue attack, 'Mountains Come Out of the Sky' slowly mutates over its four odd minute duration. I could listen to it on a loop all day. Unfortunately It's gone two so i'll have to settle for just another ten hours.

Deaf Club – Moving Still

Bizzarely if you search for Deaf Club on Facebook you get a cheesy looking club night in Slovakia. Such is the global village we inhabit. The Deaf Club we're interested in are a much more considered outfit, with a growing reputation and fanbase blossoming from each release (and that's just me).

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