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Shield Patterns

New to you? Stick around, you just might like what you hear.

Shield Patterns is Richard Knox and Claire Brentnall. The pair has only been an active project since late 2012, when Brentnall’s earlier demos began to grow flesh courtesy of Knox’s production. Since then, plenty of critical sorts have had some splendid words to say about them: “bewitching,” wrote The Line Of Best Fit, while The Skinny highly praised what was just the band’s second live show. Something a bit special in the works, then.

The Manchester duo’s subtley infectious melodicism and sparse beatscapes will appear at May 10th’s Beyond The Redshift event, held in Tufnell Park, London. They play further dates, which can be found at the bottom of this article. Focusing on Beyond The Redshift, though, Richard has here profiled five acts he’s buzzing to catch at the Cult Of Luna-headlined all-dayer.

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Shield Patterns, ‘Dust Hung Heavy’

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“Beyond The Redshift is, in the words of curators Cult Of Luna, an ‘audio-visual experience’. The Swedish collective has pieced together an outstanding and genre-defying line-up of artists and pulled them all together for a one-day festival in London.

“Having been a Cult Of Luna fan for many years I was really honoured that they asked Shield Patterns to play. We are very much looking forward to bringing our noise to a slightly different audience than usual.

“There are a bunch of artists I'm really excited to see play at the festival…”

Greg Haines (Facebook)
“I met Greg a few years ago in Leeds, when we organised a show for him and his performance that night was stunning. I’m very interested to see what he's up to these days.”

Amenra (Facebook)
“I own a couple of their records and never managed to see them live yet. I’d expect something super-heavy though!”

Bossk (Facebook)
“I have some friends who are incredibly into these guys, and again I’ve never seen them, so they are on my list. I always seemed to miss them when they came through Leeds.”

Blueneck (Facebook)
“Another band I seem to always miss. I love their ‘Scars Of The Midwest’ record – it has a beautiful sort of melancholic post-rock theme to it.”

Cult Of Luna (Facebook)
“No introduction needed, I guess! I first saw them opening for Isis in Manchester many years ago, and they blew my mind. I’ve been a fan ever since, and their recorded output has been consistently great in my opinion. Really excited to see what they come up with for this show.”

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Exclusive: stream the Vei remix of ‘Dust Hung Heavy’, above

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Shield Patterns play live as follows:

4th – Sounds From The Other City, Salford
5th – Nation Of Shopkeepers, Leeds
10th – Beyond The Redshift, London

4th – Soup Kitchen, Manchester
5th – Oakford Social Club, Reading
6th – Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, London
13th – Independent, Sunderland
14th – Electric Circus, Edinburgh

Get Beyond The Redshift information/tickets here, and find Shield Patterns online here. The band’s new album ‘Contour Lines’ is released via Gizeh Records on June 9th.

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