Ahead of their Clash Manchester show...
Sing With Your Feet

We’ve all heard about B-town by now right? Birmingham’s music scene has gathered much press of late with some incredible bands, but there’s another B-town we should be keeping an eye on – Bristol. Its cultural diversity has created a rich musical history with everything from reggae to trip hop being embraced while at the cutting edge. Currently it’s booming with a great live scene, as well as remaining at the forefront of electronic music.

This is where The Other Tribe come in, six ambitious lads who went to University in the city and soaked up its musical melting pot. Their manifesto is to take the best the clubs have to offer and bring it to the live scene. There’s no ‘press a button and dance as though you’re shagging a table’ hiding behind equipment here. With emphasis on the word band they fuse guitar riffs with throbbing synths in a raved-up whirlpool of live energy.

You can catch the tribe bouncing around onstage at our Clash issue launch show in Manchester on 7th December at the Soup Kitchen.  Tickets are only £6 and you can get your hands on the new issue of the magazine for absolutely free in the venue.

Already debut single ‘Skirts’, has graced the Top 40, and they’re set to release follow-up ‘Sing With Your Feet’ on December 3rd. This one blurs the lines between house and deep house with the balafon, marimba, and an earthy bass line blending into contemporary electronic production values. Have a listen below and buy tickets for the show here…


Words by Simon Butcher


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