Circus Records continue to impress...
The Shady Bunch

Bass music is in a funny old place.

On the one hand, the gap between the mainstream and underground culture has never been narrower. Yet for every crossover anthem there are countless tracks which just plain get it wrong; going for volume over effect, throwing in enormous, cliff face drops when something rather more subtle is required.

Circus Records seem to specialise in providing jet propelled bangers with a commercial edge. The past 12 months have seen the label - and co-founder Flux Pavilion in particular - receive a massive boost in profile, with a series of vital releases helping to make their name. Topping off the year, Circus Records will deliver 'The Shady Bunch' on December 16th.

Essentially a cross section of the label's ware, it features mainstays and newcomers, young bucks and established artists. A snapshot of a label rapidly finding its own identity, ClashMusic has been given a quick preview to share ahead of the weekend. Roksonix has maintained a close association with the label, and 'Music In Me' is a typical piece of massive, hands in the air, bass led house music.

Circus co-founder Doctor P steps in to deliver something quite different, stripping the track back before adding layers of hyperactive synths.

Stream it below.

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'The Shady Bunch' is set to be released on December 16th.


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