Rising grime stars collide...
MIK vs OH91

MIK is certainly no stranger to the wealth of grime talent currently residing in Bristol, having worked with scene lynchpin Kahn across the best part of three years - including an exclusive MIK 'versus' mix that Clash premiered last year.

To kick off 2014, he's turned his attention to another of the city's rising stars in OH91, with the two combining to powerful effect on the latest instalment in the 'MIK Versus...' series.

It lasts a mere 20 minutes but the energy, the sheer potent passion linking the music to the rhymes is more than enough.

Clash is lucky enough to get the heads up first - listen exclusively below.

Quite fancy some of this grime action but not sure where to start? Keep tabs on the latest movements via the Clash Life At 140 series.

Words: Tomas Fraser

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