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Three albums – that’s what it’s taken Maybeshewill to reach this point.

The Leicester post-rock group have been refining their sound, honing their ideas, rejecting and accepting new influences as they go. Battle-hardened – upcoming tour dates include a stint in China (!) – by the road, Maybeshewill represent one of the tightest, more searing live experience you will come across.

Which brings us to ‘Fair Youth’. Released today (August 25th) via Superball Music, it’s perhaps the band’s finest hour to date. Riffs are sharpened, electronics are deployed with rare voracity... the whole thing (post) rocks, in other words.

Clash is able to stream the entire album as a Bank Holiday treat. Check out an introduction from John Helps:

"We're really pleased that people can finally hear Fair Youth in full. It's been a labour of love for all of us, and it's something we're really proud of. What people take from instrumental music is always open ended, but for us this record is about a lot of things. A constant feeling of motion, the dreamlike states you find at the end of extreme tiredness, absence and distance and, importantly, positive reactions to difficulties and barriers - using music as a way to get past real life problems I suppose."

"It's been our little adventure seeing how far we can go with our DIY ethos - We recorded it with our bassist, Jamie Ward, and roped in a tonne of friends to fill in the many instruments we couldn't play ourselves - amongst them a 100 year old piano, strings, brass, accordion... Hopefully we've proved you can make this kind of record on a shoestring. Now we get to take it on tour across three continents before the end of the year. We are hugely excited and terrified at the same time."

Listen to ‘Fair Youth’ below.

Enjoy what you hear? Purchase 'Fair Youth' via iTunes or the Superball store.

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