From his Record Store Day release...
'Jake Bugg - LIve At Silver Platters, Seattle' artwork

With two albums under his belt, it's easy to forget how young, how raw Jake Bugg remains.

At heart, the Nottingham artist is simply a voice and an acoustic guitar, drawing on circumstance, his surroundings for inspiration.

For this year's Record Store Day, Jake Bugg is set to release a new EP. Recorded live at the Silver Platters venue in Seattle, it demonstrates how far the singer has come.

A four track release, 'Jake Bugg - Live At Silver Platters, Seattle' finds the English artist backed only by his trusty acoustic guitar. Taking him right back to where he started, this version of 'Trouble Town' is bare, spare, honest.

Finding a universal theme, Jake Bugg continually reaches outward whilst remaining true to the intentions which first fired his career.

Check out the new live version of 'Trouble Town' first on Clash.

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