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Focussing on two ex-pat Brazilians - Daniela Caldellas and Daniel Albinati, to be precise - Digitaria first came together a decade ago.

Yet it's their current two piece format which seems to be making the most impact. Snapped up by Jamie Jones' Hot Creations imprint, tracks such as 'Shine' have helped to define the label's vision.

Matching soulful vocals to deep house - true deep house, mind - textures, the pair's outlook was engrossing yet accessible, with the dancefloor never far from their minds.

New album 'Night Falls Again' is out next week (July 21st) and it's a fantastic step forward. Digitaria combine the flair of '1000 Friends' with the intimacy of their Clarian collaboration 'Favourite Addiction'.

Twelve tracks of continually exploratory electronic music, Digitaria push back the boundaries of deep house whilst also stamping out a renewed sense of identity.

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'Night Falls Again' is set to be released on July 21st. (Pre-order link)

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