Danish multi-instrumentalist reveals his stereo picks...
Sleep Party People

A Danish composer, Brian Batz finds inspiration in his surroundings.

Thankfully, his surroundings include battered Boards of Canada records, the odd Erik Satie biography, a battered piano and a shelf packed with David Lynch films.

Utilising the Sleep Party People moniker, the producer has developed a world of his own. Melding together influences, Batz released his debut LP back in 2010 and was promptly invited on tour by none other than Efterklang.

Subsequent album 'We Were Drifting On A Sad Song' appeared in 2012, pushing Sleep Party People to a much wider audience. Recorded in San Francisco with Jeff Saltzman and Mikael Johnston, new album 'Floating' will be released through Blood And Biscuits on June 2nd.

Before then, Clash thought it only apt to ask Brian Batz what's been dominating his stereo during the run up to his new album hitting the (both physical and virtual) shelves.

- - -

Robert Wyatt - 'At Last I Am Free'
Lately I've been listening to a lot of Robert Wyatt and this track is perhaps my favourite track of his. Sonically his voice is incredible and such an inspiration.

- - -

Beak> - 'I Know'
While recording my third album I listened to a lot of kraut rock and this band did it for me. The production is brutal and really honest and the fact that it's played live and without any over-dubs, just makes it even more lovable.

- - -

King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - 'Aurora Boring Alias'
I'm just so happy that they did this album and collaboration together. Very fond of the more ambient stuff on this album and this track is in my opinion the strongest one.

- - -

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – 'We No Who U R'
My absolute favourite Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds album and an album I listened to in repeat last year. Everything about it touches and moves me and really inspired me to produce albums differently. During this period I worked together with Broken Twin and mixed her album and this was an album we both loved and agreed upon was a sonically inspiration. Filled with air, space and warmth. Love it!

- - -

Ice Cream Cathedral - 'The Swans'
Denmark has in my opinion a very strong and growing music scene with international appeal and potential. This band is by far one of the most interesting sounding bands at the moment. No doubt about it. They sound terrific!

Stina Nordenstam - 'Fireworks'
Ever since I got introduced to Stina Nordenstam I've been mesmerized by her music. This is an album I've always listened to since the introduction back in 2001. In fact maybe a couple of times during a week. It's perfect in all ways and suits my mood every single time. My biggest wish in terms of a collaboration is to work with her on a track. That would be unreal.

- - -

Damon Albarn - 'Hostiles'
Currently and probably the best album so far in 2014.

- - -

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