Picking out the sleaziest cuts they can get their hands on...
Hannah Holland x Josh Caffe

Hannah Holland and Josh Caffe have been friends for years, drawn together by London's underground dance culture.

Crossing paths at illicit nightspots, the pair quickly realised that they seemed to approach electronic music from a similar vantage point.

Deeply physical, the pair's work has that emotive edge that can't be easily shrugged off, a sting in the tail that lingers after the beat fades.

Hannah Holland makes her Crosstown Rebels debut on 'Fade To Me', and it's also a full collaboration with Josh Caffe.

Trading ideas in the studio, it's a frisky, sleazy monster, a piece of house bedlam that erupts from the first note.

Out now, Clash toasts the release of this electronic beast with some specially selected - and ultra-sleazy - joints from Hannah Holland and Josh Caffe.

- - -

Oliver Huntemann x Stephan Bodzin - 'Rubin'

An anthem, so simple, so filthy, pure nasty bass from the experts Huntsman & Bodzin. A huge track at Trailer Trash mid 00's and still gets the same reaction whenever played. (Hannah Holland)

- - -

Daniel Maloso - 'Ritmo Especial'

Arpeggiated spanish electro for sweaty basements, amyl nitrate and bare chests. (Hannah Holland)

- - -

Peace Division ft. Pleasant Gehman - 'Blacklight Sleaze'

She draws you in with her tale of a cheap, back alley, smoke filled, mirrored, strip joint. Peace Division match the scene perfectly with their creeping sleazy lazy dark beat. Dance floor is filled with imaginary poles. (Hannah Holland)

- - -

Rework - 'Werewolf' (Magda Remix)

Sex. Midnight. Werewolf. (Hannah Holland)

- - -

QX-1 - 'I Won't Hurt You'

Made under one of Mike Dunn's many aliases, I seriously can't get enough of this track. Sleazy, sexy and raw. Imagine being in a sweaty basement after-hours club dancing with your pull for the night. I play this a lot in my sets and always goes down a storm. (Josh Caffe)

- - -

Felix Dickinson - 'Burning Flame'

Pure old skool sleaze. A nice slab of acid house, funk machine and sexy vocals throughout. Perfect combination to get me dancing! (Josh Caffe)

- - -

A Guy Called Gerald ‎- 'Trip City'

More of an electronic sleaze with this one. pure perfection. The dark robot voice guiding you into an 'Enter the Void' type scenario locks you in. This track was created for a cassette to accompany the book Trip City by Trevor Miller. (Josh Caffe)

- - -

'Fade To Me' is out now - purchase LINK.

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