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It’s coming up, it’s coming up, it’s… not quite there, but almost. Manchester-based singer-songwriter Daley has been a fixture on ones-to-watch lists for some time now, having first stumbled into the spotlight in 2010 courtesy of a guest spot on the Gorillaz track ‘Doncamatic’.

Since then, the smooth, soulful fellow has been the very definition of busy, working with Wretch 32, Pharrell Williams, Damon Albarn, and touring with Miguel and Jessie J… yup, some big names. Yet his own debut album proper, (at least provisionally) titled ‘Days & Nights’, hasn’t seen the light as yet.

But it’s coming. Really. The latest single lifted from said long-play set is ‘Broken’, available September 22nd. Watch the track’s video below, ahead of a special 10-track playlist compiled by Daley for Clash. Click through the clips to get an understanding of some of the man’s very favourite music, what’s inspired the album and even encouraged cover versions.

Daley – ‘Broken’

- - -

Prince – ‘I Would Die 4 U’ (1984)

Prince’s music has probably had the most influence on me of everything I listen to. This particular song just grabs me every time – the drum pattern, energy, and vocal performance.

- - -

Imogen Heap – ‘Headlock’ (2006)

When I first heard this song it blew my mind sonically. It really inspired me to get into production and create interesting sonics around my songs.

- - -

Radiohead – ‘Nude’ (2008)

I got into Radiohead pretty late, but this was the song that hooked me. It’s so incredibly delicate, ethereal and soulful at the same time.

- - -

Mica Paris – ‘Should've Known Better’ (1990)

An absolute classic and under-exposed UK soul jam by an incredible vocalist. The drums and bassline, courtesy of Omar, are just insane.

- - -

Massive Attack – ‘Unfinished Sympathy’ (1991)

I’ve enjoyed adding touches of UK ‘90s throwbacks to parts of my album. Incorporating sounds that I grew up listening to, or that remind me of moments from my past, is something I do a lot. So, for the nostalgia...

- - -

Donny Hathaway – ‘I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know’ (1972)

Just an undeniably emotive song from one of my favourite singers. Donny is someone who really made me understand the importance of quality vocal performance and melody.

- - -

Chaka Khan – ‘Sweet Thing’ (1975)

Possibly my favourite song of all time, or at least one of them, for sure. I play this at least once a day.

- - -

Soul II Soul – ‘Back To Life (However Do You Want Me)’ (1989)

Another classic jam on the UK soul vibe. Just something I found so refreshing to listen to while making this album. Still sounds amazing today as it ever did.

- - -

Q-Tip – ‘Let’s Ride’ (1999)

I can't claim to be a huge hip-hop follower, but there are certain artists I really like, Q-Tip being one of them. There’s a soul to this song that I relate to. And the drums are sickening! The combination of harder hip-hop-influenced drums and soft vocals is something I’ve played with on this album.

- - -

Joan Armatrading – ‘Love & Affection’ (1976)

I actually built up the courage to record a cover of this for the album. A task that at first seemed impossible, as the original is so unique to Joan and I wasn’t sure how I would re-interpret her quirks and inflections.  But after playing with the arrangement and finding my connection to the lyrics it came quite naturally.

- - -

Daley’s debut album is forthcoming on Republic/Polydor. ‘Broken’ is released on September 22nd. Find Daley online here

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