Golden-era hip-hop goes 21st century...
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Try searching for pictures of Snakehips on the ‘net. Good luck. Following Daft Punk’s approach to image management, the Camden producers have chosen to keep their identities under wraps. But, it is still early days for the outfit, with minimal music released to date.

Together since the end of 2012, it was Snakehips’ May-issued track ‘On & On’, featuring tipped Australian singer George Maple, that alerted Clash to their potential.

The pair’s fluency in crafting contemporary music informed by times gone by really struck a chord. They describe their sound as “inspired by golden-era hip-hop and R&B mixed with more modern production techniques”.

Snakehips’ slick compositions, encompassing disparate eras and sounds, reflect the result of a fine meeting of minds. But the duo’s understanding didn’t come easily.

“We met last year through a mutual friend of ours, while we were working on a project out in Hong Kong. We had really different approaches to working at first and didn't really get on that well initially.”

But, ultimately, it became evident that one person’s strengths were the other’s weaknesses, so working together made sense. “One of us has a good ear for a sample, and the other can always lay down great basslines.”

It’s clear that the full impact of Snakehips is yet to be felt. There’s yet to be a live performance, for one thing. And when that happens, will we even get to see the musicians behind the moniker?

“We are preparing for our first live shows. We’ve been working on making them really special, audio-visual experiences. There will be lots of custom visuals, and lighting, with live synths and samples.”

And beyond that? “We can’t give too much away right now, but there are some exciting projects, and new remixes on the way. There should be a new single and EP in the next few months.” Also, the pair reveals that further collaborations with Maple are on the cards.

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Where: Camden, London

What: Electronic hip-hop and R&B

Get 3 Songs: ‘On & On’ (video above), ‘Miss U Always’, ‘Make It’

Unique Fact: Look, if they won’t even tell us their names, what do you want here?

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Words: Cai Trefor

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