DJ and label head for All Caps
OTW #475: Bake

Is it possible to reminisce of a year just past? If so, 2012 will go down as Bake's Year Zero. It was the year that he stepped out the bedroom and into the clubs as a DJ and solidified the appeal of All Caps, the label he runs with his two best friends Ryan Martin and Matthew Muir. Although barely two years old All Caps has enjoyed a fantastic early reception. Their first two releases quickly sold out on first pressing and as Bake says, the response has been “pretty overwhelming. I think my proudest moment was to see the Helix - Stacks Riddim 12” come out. It was a project we invested a lot of time into and it was really cool to see people taking to it well.”

Taking to the label, and Bake in particular, might be an understatement. After a comparatively short time dedicating himself to the craft Bake has become one of the most talked about young DJs in the UK.  He's appeared on Boiler Room, released a widely lauded mixtape for the LuckyMe mix series and was even invited to appear on the Hessle Audio show on Rinse FM in December. No small achievements for a newcomer, and he's aware of it too. “As a DJ I'm hugely thankful for all the things I've been able to do, but playing on Rinse was a dream come true. Radio is vital. It's the best platform for me to further my understanding the connections between genres past and present, and presenting them in a manner that makes sense to the listener.”

This awareness of his reception as a potential taste-maker is perhaps what has in part contributed to his popularity. He's something of an old soul and carries himself with a maturity and deftness that feel beyond his years, which will no doubt serve him well moving into 2013. All Caps have just been added to the Numbers 'Pleasure Principle Weekender' line-up and the label is pushing forward with a release from Kowton next month, with a remix by Pariah and Blawan project Karenn on the flip. He's coy about the future, but divulges that “apart from Kowton, we've got a few ideas. One includes releasing something that was made in the early to mid 90s and recorded to tape. I can't believe 2013 will be the first time the public will hear it.” We can't wait to hear it either, Bake.

Words: Lauren Martin
Photo: Kirstin Kerr

Where: Glasgow, Scotland
What: DJ and label head for All Caps
Unique Fact: Bake has an extensive collection of DMZ original pressings.


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