Electronica with a dreampop/synth pulse
OTW #473: Ecstasy

You’d think with Christmas and all that to quietly upload a few tunes to Soundcloud without fanfair or announcement just shortly before the festive lay-off, might not be the best policy for a new band to employ when wanting to make a name for themselves. But hell, what do the ‘experts’ know anyway. Releasing just three tracks – including a cover of Band Of Horses’ ‘The Funeral’ – and with as yet not even a debut gig to their name, London-based quartet Ecstasy have not only managed to go and get a fair few bloggers all excited, but also interested Xfm’s John Kennedy enough to give them early New Year airplay.

With their roots in electronica/dreampop, Ecstasy comprise of Joe on vocals/synths/samples, Laura, vocals, Rosemary, synths and James bringing it all together at the back on guitars, synths and percussion. And Ecstasy as a musical unit is the first outing for all of them, so don’t be confusing them with an Islamabad band of the same name or any drug of similar ilk – though they certainly seem to have created a sound that is undoubtedly addictive.

If ‘Shinjuku Bride’ whets the appetite with its varying synth shades and bass line, then ‘White Limos’ is the one for repeat play. A deep, dark opening that soars on sampled lines and pounding beat that backs the vocals in a five minute yin/yang unison. While both of these are original Ecstasy works, for the third of their impressive opening triumvirate they have taken the Band Of Horses’ ‘The Funeral’ and added a synth power surge to the original which introduces a whole new feel to it while taking it down on the big chords and pumping up the electronic subtleties that lend it to become something new entirely. “The agony and the ecstasy is a dynamic that we want to attain some ways,” states Joe in relation to their sound.

If you thought electronica was in danger of becoming stale, this is the band who may just have given it the kick up its rear end to move it on a stage.

Words by Linn Branson (Follow on Twitter)

Where: London
What: Electronica with a dreampop/synth pulse
Get 3 songs: ‘White Limos’, ‘Shinjuku Bride’, ‘The Funeral’
Unique Fact: They’ve got a Rihanna cover in the works



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