Who debuts at the 100 Club?
Ones to Watch - Jenners Field

How many bands would play a single launch at London's 100 Club? How many bands would play a single launch at the 100 Club, pack it out, as their debut launch? Well, Jenners Field did. The four-piece (Laurie Belgrave, vocals, rhythm guitar; Danilo Borgerth, lead guitar; Grant McNeil, bass and Jed on drums) have been playing together for the last six years and 'Drunk Drive' is that very debut! We rang Laurie to find out more. Read the interview! Watch the video! And enjoy....

How would you describe what Jenners Field are about?

We have a really wide range of influences – we got together when we were only 14, so we didn’t really know what we were in to. We just knew that we play instruments together. I’m into really epic stuff, something with a real passion – I don’t like songs that you can just hear and it’ll pass. 'Drunk Drive' is one of our more accessible songs. Our other material is a bit deeper, in that there’s a lot below it. If I go to a show I want to be moved and that’s how I feel about us.

What are you into as a band?

I’m a really big Arcade Fire fan, I think that there’s a lot of power in their music. When I was younger I was really into Queen - Freddie Mercury is an amazing front man, he’s got an amazing voice and that’s obviously such an important ingredient. We’re all big Yeasayer fans too. I think they’ve got a really good sound – with really interesting arrangements. We’re not generally into verse/chorus/verse/chorus thing. We try, but it usually doesn’t work out.

Do you write collaboratively?

It varies really. Some of it comes from me, depending on the song, and some of it comes from more of a session where we come together. Regardless of how it begins, we’ll play it together and work through it – make it ours.

How are you progressing with the album?

We’ve just signed a publishing deal. So we’re busy getting an album’s worth of material and hopefully towards autumn we’ll look to start recording. It’s all hotting up with the single – we’ve been together for about seven years now but it’s only in the last year or two that we’ve felt ready to go for it.

And your single launch was at the 100 Club?

Yeah! It was a really good night; it’s obviously a really historic venue. We had about 350 people there and we were the only band that played. It’s great to play in a place like that, to connect yourself through a stage to that many historic people.

Are you guys touring?

We’re not touring properly at the moment. We’re gigging a lot in London right now and we’re doing some radio sessions further north to get a nationwide thing going. Hopefully we’ll be touring towards the end of July and then in autumn. The recordings we’ve got are great but we need to put some time into them in the studio. We’re a live band, which is so important right now. A band’s biggest asset is to be able to play a great live show. I hope we can do that anyway!

What’s next for you?

We’re putting together the album, song wise. We’ll be playing a lot and touring – playing live is one of our strengths and we’ll be playing throughout the year. Next year is when it should all really start to happen. We want to be playing all of the festivals, which we kind of missed this year because the single has come out quite late. We’re just starting to build up – even though we’ve been together for so long. This is just the beginning.

'Drunk Drive' was released on 4 July

Words by Sam Ballard
Photo by Sam Atkinson photography

Watch the video to the single below.


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