Fuzzy, lo-fi outpourings about Californian life
Best Coast

Embracing the laid-back musical spirit du jour, Bethany Consentino is a sparkly new addition to the team of modern day surf-pop players.

Hailing from the Golden State, she is the female protagonist in this cast of plenty: the dudes and dudettes who casually drift into your consciousness with their fuzzy, lo-fi outpourings about Californian life.

Previously of LA duo Pocahaunted, a band who have been tagged ‘the Olsen twins of drone’ by their creative commentators, Bethany is now a regular feature at LA’s infamous all-ages venue and unintentional fame-making academy, The Smell.
She began writing music at the tender age of six. “My dad used to record me on his four-track making up songs and melodies and shit,” she recalls, and after a brief stint studying journalism and creative writing in New York (she dropped out because she “didn’t really fit in”), she packed her bags and scurried back home to California.

As is the case with most musicians, Best Coast recoils in disgust at any mention of genre classification. But she is clearly a product of her surroundings, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. “I think it’s funny that everyone tags Best Coast with this whole ‘lo-fi’ thing,” she says, “because I kind of don’t hear the lo-fi vibe at all. I mean, besides the fact that my vocals have effects on them, and the recordings are all DIY, there doesn’t seem to be anything else lo-fi about them. I really just think the songs are fun and simple and I want people to hear them and have fun, or be reminded of something in their own lives. I guess if I had to describe my band to someone who had never heard it, I might say it’s like ’60s meets ’90s girl pop.”

So, the production value of her music is certainly lo-fi, imbued with an overarching sense of authenticity, which has come to be such an attractive, homely quality in this age of polished pop. As a result, Best Coast can be filed alongside Vivian Girls, Wavves and No Age: a group of artists who have recently acquired the unfortunate but amusing title of ‘shitgaze’.

But when will the album materialse? “I’m hoping it will be out in the Fall of next year,” she says. “I’m still to figure out all of the logistics behind it, but it will come out next year for sure! I think 2010 is going to be a really great year for Best Coast, at least I hope it will be. I just want to be able to play music, write music, and have fun with it. We’re going to start touring next year, and hopefully we will be able to meet a bunch of really rad people, and see a lot of rad places. I’m really excited. I’ve never even left the US, so it’s going to be a really cool adventure for me.”

Stay in the loop, for Best Coast will be swimming over to a shore near you in the not too distant future...

Words by April Welsh

Where: LA
What: Beachy, lo-fi noise pop
Unique Fact: Bethany Consentino is a huge Miley Cyrus fan.
Get 3 songs: ‘Sun Was High (So Was I)’, ‘So Gone’, ‘Wish He Was You’


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