Oxford group hook up with St. Vincent

An exploratory, entrancing experience, Glass Animals tend to be a studio bound experience.

Based in Oxford, the three-piece tend to spend long days and even longer nights honing their sound, fine tuning each element with near scientific precision.

So when Glass Animals do break cover, each show, each event is something to be savoured. Recently invited on tour with St. Vincent, the band packed a few cameras alongside their instruments, laptops and so forth.

Recording the tour for posterity, Glass Animals handed a selection of images to Clash - along with the following statement...

"So, Ed took some photographs while we were on tour with St Vincent around Europe recently. These are they. We were on the road for about 10 days, driving between Berlin, Amsterdam (where Dave ate St Vincent’s dinner 'by mistake'), Brussels (where we learned NOT to leave 5 laptops, a passport, some backpacks full of electronic equipment, and my last piece of Milka chocolate (!!?) in the van on the street, even when its deadlocked), Paris, London and Manchester. It was neat. hope you enjoy vouyer-ing all up on us."

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