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Disclosure by George Harvey

Clash takes a look at the dance masters who smashed the last twelve months with their addictive bass manoeuvres as well as matching up the new generation of likeminded acolytes.

MASTER: Disclosure

Listen to Disclosure's 'Boiling' above.

Without floundering in hyperbole, Disclosure have had a world-beating year, leaping into the mainstream consciousness with all the jovial silkiness of house-induced fleas emerged they this year. Inescapably danceable numbers for the throes of Radio 1 as well as effortlessly brilliant remixes kept the two youngsters on the tip of many a tongue during the whole of 2012.

Both Guy and Howard Lawrence, as their mother christened them, first trickled into ears back in late 2010 with their debut official release ‘Offline Dexterity/Streetlight Chronicle’, which came out via !K7's Moshi Moshi sublabel. Yet it wasn’t until late-January 2012, with ‘Tenderly/Flow’ - and more so, their shiny refix of Jessie Ware’s ‘Running’ and four-tracker ‘The Face EP’ during our pisspoor summer - that they were cemented as heavy purveyors of sheened, garage love.

Younger brother, Howard, may only just be on the cusp of his first legal beer, but they’re both safely approaching that thirty-year-old milestone in production speak. There’s enough tropical merriment here for one year but with an album on it’s way next year, there’s bound to be plenty more fruitiness to share around as you shuffle about in the clubs.

BEST BIT: That unofficial video for ‘What’s In Your Head’ with barely clad centerfolds everywhere.

ACOLYTE: George Fitzgerald

London’s George Fitzgerald has also made a few craniums swivel whilst championing the slightly harder, yet wholesomely groovy laterals of soulful house.

The likes of ‘Shackled’ from the tail end of 2011 wallowed between the murky ties of UKG, deep house and dubstep with perfection whilst 2012’s ‘Child’ was a sure-fire contender for dance floor track of the year in all its Chicago-bowed jackery. Another familiar face on the remix circuit, George has already recorded rejigs of tunes by Gang Colours, Jessie Ware, Throwing Snow and Aus Music’s Lee Jones.

Then there’s his imprint to contend with. ManMakeMusic has begun to rack up an enviable roster of EDM mavericks including Portugal’s Trikk and Berlin-based artisan, Jack Dixon, that deserve a butcher’s.

BEST BIT: That whomping drop on the Chicago jackin' release ‘Child’; unavoidably danceable.



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