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Sometimes, just sometimes, life ain't fair. Sometimes, just sometimes, a band doesn't get what it deserves.

The history of pop music is littered with inglorious failures, experiments which never quite leave the lab. Some of those, though, contain enough new ideas, enough possibilities to inspire years after their creation.

Asked to nominate their favourite 'lost' album, Theme Park were unequivocal. Brighton's Clor released their sole studio album back in 2005, a collision of jerky, post-punk rhythms, collapsed electronics and whimsical pop melodies. Had it been released five years later, then it would have been nominated for the Mercury. As it was, the watching world was busy waiting for the next Arctic Monkeys, and had no need for Clor's curiously English, utterly artful take on pop's legacy.

Theme Park explain just why they're so enraptured...

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My favourite lost album is 'Clor' by.. the Clor! I first got into this band when I got into guitar music properly in about 2006. It was a year after they had released the album and had already split up by that point! Strangely enough we ended up working with Luke Smith, who was the main man behind the band along with Barrington, on our own debut album.

The album has some really heartfelt moments like 'Gifted' and 'Goodbye' but also goes pretty mental at points. I'd have loved to have been old enough to have seen them live! I think my favourite songs on the album are 'Dangerzone' and 'Love + Pain', but I love them all. There is something so simplistic about all the sounds and arrangements but they all work so well, I guess they prove the point that you don't have to cover music in lots of dense layers if the song or original idea is good enough in the first place. It's strange that the album never really reached a mainstream audience. The lead single got to #43 in the UK, although the band have a very dedicated (even to this day!) cult following who still chat about them on forums.

It's quite unlikely they will ever reform so it feels like something that could have been really great has been lost in time.

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Theme Park are set to host a summer all-dayer at the Village Underground on August 3rd.


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