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Remaining a heavyweight bass hub, the relationship between Rinse and the mainstream has been a curious process.

Now a legal, free to stream station Rinse has established itself as a major commercial force. Acting as a launchpad for the likes of Katy B, the label has fired hit after hit out of the underground and onto the charts.

P Money looks to be the next in line. An MC with bona fide Grime credentials, his fast, skippy flow made him a star on the pirates.

Working with the Fatal Assassins crew, P Money built a reputation for serious business. Now with new single 'Dubsteppin' it seems that the rapper could be the latest artist from the Rinse stable to reach the Top 40.

The production contains plenty of bass weight, but has been configured to make it slip under the radar of radio censors. P Money's flow is present and correct, except now there's a pop edge to take away the sting of the streets.

The full EP features some broader moments, with P Money keen to nod back towards his roots. Zinc makes a guest appearance, while 'Roll Call' is a shout out to some of the MCs, DJs and producer who helped him on his way.

Out on August 27th you can listen to the EP in its entirety below.


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