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Egyptian Hip Hop

Egyptian Hip Hop's new single 'Tobago' is out today - listen to the full package on ClashMusic first.

Packed with Technicolor innovation, Egyptian Hip Hop's debut album was a thrilling, continually surprising delight. Not content to sit still, the band have already re-recorded one of the tracks from said LP with a new producer.

Richard Formby sits behind the desk for a new version of 'Tobago' - named in honour of collaborator Neville Lawrence aka SUPERSTAR & STAR. "From the first incarnation, as a jam, to the final video, we had Neville in mind and, for this, we are thankful to him," the band commented. "He has a light and a vitality often lacking in this grey world. Neville is a superstar and we follow in his footsteps. He will always be pure."

Out today, 'Tobago' comes backed with two unreleased tracks. Live favourite 'The White Falls' will finally be available, having been recorded by Egyptian Hip Hop themselves in a Manchester basement.

Finally, an instrumental named 'Outro' is included. Recorded at the same time as the material which would frame the band's debut album, 'Outro' is a propulsive piece of tribal funk with a liquid, G-Funk edge.

But don't take our word for it... ClashMusic have obtained the exclusive first play of the full 'Tobago' single package.

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'Tobago' is out now.


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