To toast the release of 'Pedestrian Verse'
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All across the country temperatures are plummeting.

After the grace of Christmas it seems that winter has decided to come down hard, placing its icy hand on our shoulder. Transport has been effected, schools have been shut and thermometers have been reminded what minus actually feels like.

It’s not all bad, though: Frightened Rabbit are set to release a new album next Monday (February 4th). For the Scottish group, this represents another step on a long, strange journey. Initially a three piece circling Scott Hutchison’s often quite personal lyrics, the band released three albums on Fat Cat building up a stellar reputation in the process.

Switching to Atlantic, some had feared that Frightened Rabbit would become swallowed in a corporate machine. If new album ‘Pedestrian Verse’ is anything to go by, however, the band has taken these new surroundings in its stride.

A mature, confident work ‘Pedestrian Verse’ matches some of the band’s most assured songwriting to date with nigh on impeccable production. Each track is allowed to breath, finding its own place in a quite unforced, quite natural manner.

To celebrate its release, ClashMusic are pleased to present Frightened Rabbit’s Winter Warmer. All week we’ll be presenting material from the band, with a few guest spots along the way.

Start off with Scott Hutchison’s guide to the making of ‘Pedestrian Verse’ – then check back during the week to see what else they have up their sleeves...

- The Making Of 'Pedestrian Verse' - Scott Hutchison introduces their new album...

- Personality Clash: Scott Hutchison vs Christopher Brookmyre

- Track Of The Day 28/1 - The Brian Jonestown Massacre

- Track Of The Day 29/1 - Holy Esque

- Track Of The Day 30/1 - Dutch Uncles

- Track Of The Day 31/1 - Flutes

- Track Of The Day 1/2 - The Invisible

Exclusive acoustic performance: Frightened Rabbit - Late March, Death March


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