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Fat Freddy's Drop

Fat Freddy’s Drop is one of those bands – one that once you see live, make a sort of ‘sense’ that just listening to their records probably won’t manifest.

The New Zealanders have carved an incredible reputation for themselves via a series of senses-turning shows, and have released two official live LPs to date.

The seven-piece have also conspired to issue three studio sets – the latest of which, ‘Blackbird’, is released via The Drop this very week (this week being that starting June 24th, 2013, for any readers from the future). From the album, they’ve released the single ‘Clean The House’. Its video can be seen below.

Ahead of the band’s sold-out London show at the Village Underground (in our picks of the week!) on June 26th, they’ve passed Clash a special playlist, to provide fans with a glimpse into what makes up their tourbus listening.

We’re pretty sure readers will agree that this is some impressive stuff, as described by Chopper Reeds, aka Scott Towers…

- - -

Fat Freddy’s Drop – ‘Clean The House’

- - -

Bill Withers – ‘Harlem’

We keep talking about how we'd like to cover this in a live set some day. We've even rehearsed it up a number of times.

- - -

GZA – ‘Liquid Swords’

The bus can be boring as all hell. Slap this on, get a bit smashed. Float away.

- - -

Four Tet – ‘128 Arps’

Ethno-techno. This track is part of a mixtape (perhaps even by Kieran Hebden?) that always seems to get a good bashing on those long, mid-tour drives around Germany, Holland, Belgium etc.

- - -

D'Angelo – ‘Devil's Pie’

Our vocalist, Joe Dukie, is a total dangle low fan. Cue it up as we roll into town... especially at nighttime. Premiere's production on this is ridiculous.

- - -

The Yoots – ‘Tutira Mai’

The Yoots is a side project for some of the band that specialises in playing tradition Maori waiata (songs) in a lop-sided calypso style. I must have heard this 200 times over the past few tours because Hopepa (trombone player for FFD) never seems to stop playing it.

- - -

The Congos – ‘Fisherman’

This track is a peacemaker. If tensions are running high on the bus, this does the job.

- - -

Electric Wire Hustle – ‘Again’ (Scratch 22 Remix)

Fellow NZ group featuring the amazing Mara TK on vocals. A great way to remind of us that we get to go home after the tour ends.

- - -

Chico Hamilton - 'Abdullah And Abraham' 

Chico is a particular favourite of Clubba Laing, our trumpet player. This is some trippy mid-‘70s jazz that has a neck-snapping groove to it. Perfect for the wind down once the on-bus after-party has run out of steam.

- - -

Owiny Sigoma Band – ‘Nyiduonge Drums’

This isn't a bus classic... yet. But I'm going to play this loud, and often, during our European tours this year.

- - -

Find Fat Freddy’s Drop online here.

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