Beautifully etched songwriting...

Boardwalk isn't even their main job.

A Los Angeles duo comprising Mike Edge and Amber Q, the sessions which fuel Boardwalk weren't born out of any attempt to find fame, fortune or favour - but then, perhaps that's precisely why they are so potent.

Amber Q is a vocal coach, who also sidelines as a hip hop ghostwriter. Mike Edge, meanwhile, is a technology junkie - hoarding pieces of antique kit, his abilities as a producer are widely sought across the United States.

Together, though, they've established a space far beyond this. Boardwalk has evolved from something personal, with both sound and lyric favouring the immediate, playing off an instinctive emotional reaction in the process.

Working at their home made studio, Boardwalk attempted to use only first takes, making a rule of dismissing any overdub in the process. As delicate as rice paper, each track traces out its evolution, a thin thread coiling its way around some profoundly personal topics.

'I'm To Blame' deals explicitly with the collapse of a relationship, while 'As A Man' is an attempt to move beyond stubborn notions of masculinity. Musically, it's a sumptuous, gorgeous affair - at times recalling the blissful psych of Broadcast, the duo weave a pastoral, Autumnal mosaic with their songwriting.

And as we say: Boardwalk isn't even their main job.

Out on Monday (October 14th) via Stones Throw, you can listen to Broadwalk's self-titled debut album exclusively on Clash.

'Boardwalk' is set to be released on October 14th.

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