When it all goes wrong...
Harvard Bass

Every DJ has one.

A night when everything that can possibly go wrong does - and it does so in spectacular fashion. ClashMusic brings you DJ Disasters, featuring some of the most respected figures in the dance world reminiscing about those moments when it all went badly wrong.

Coming of age in Tijuana, Victor Hugo Ramos was stepped in dance culture from a young age. Picking up a pair of turntables, the DJ chose the name Harvard Bass and quickly earned a local reputation before taking his sound across the globe.

Now closely attached to Tiga's Turbo imprint, the producer is able to flit between the Canadian label and his own Jump City stable. Of course, even this doesn't prevent Harvard Bass from enduring the odd DJ Disaster - which he introduces in his own colourful style...

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Sometimes things don't always go according to plan. I have learned especially throughout tour life that anything can happen at ANY given moment. This is a story of something happening at ANY given moment so sit back relax grab a cerveza continue reading and smile.
Just don't drink too much when you cannot hold any longer..


Y'all are probably thinking... where the fuck is that?
Well for those of you don't know, it's actually in the UK. I wouldn't know where to tell you exactly on a map but it's in there.
I was on tour for a few weeks out in Europe back in 2011 where I was having such a great run. Good shows good crowds and all the other good stuff!
I believe it was the first time I was doing a proper tour out in Europe.
Anyway, along with the story. Arriving at Southend on Sea with a few shows already on under my belt I had been up with maybe around 3 hours sleep... 
(just a normal sleep day when touring) It was late afternoon when I arrived. The sun was shining, promoters were well excited for the night and I could not wait to play.

After pick up and a few bites to eat I had decided to head out to rest at the hotel although I really wanted to go out and enjoy the city for a bit but I was too fuckin tired.

Well rested and hungry once again, I decided to call the promoter. I had a set time of 1am which was perfect. It allowed me to get my CDs ready and burn some tracks through the night. 
Dinner had finished everything was going as planned. You are now probably thinking to yourself, "Where the fuck is this boring story going?" well if you are thinking that, then you should be more patient.

After I had my CDs burned and ready to go I decided to hit the venue a few hours before the show. I love doing this all the time because it gives time to see the vibe of the club and get a few drinks in before the show.
That being said, I arrived around 11:30 which was really early but the club was already going off. It was a small club where you can see from corner to corner. A more intimate vibe. Capacity of the venue was probably 100 or maybe even less.

Promoter looked really happy and decided to invite me for a few drinks. I knew I was going to play in a few so I decided to have only 3 alcoholic beverages. Had a few cool conversations during my alcoholic beverage consumption and realized it was already time for me to play!

I rushed up got through the crowd and started my set. I was a few tracks in when I realized I had not gone to the toilet before my set had started but I was not having any urge so I decided to tough it out. As the night progressed so did the alcohol consumption. Drinks after drinks with the promoter. People in the crowd still dancing, going mental and then in a blink of an eye I get it. I get the urge. I had to pee really bad! Thinking it was not a big deal, I ask the promoter for the toilet. He tells me it is downstairs. I realise I was not going to make it downstairs in time. The club was fully rammed with people and it would have probably taken me more than 10 minutes to go down and come back up to the DJ booth. There were really no other options but to ask him for a few cups. I reach over ask him for 6 cups. He asks, "Why?" and then I give him the look of agony as I mix out the next track then tell him I had to pee and I could no longer hold it. He looks shocked but quickly runs to the bar grabs a few cups and brings 'em back to the booth. I grab the cups quickly but I can't seem to go. I look up and there are people staring at me wondering when I am mixing the new track in. I decided to mix out one more time before the rush flows. I mix out, I tell the promoter to cover the booth door and I stood there.... Trying to get the courage to pee as I'm playing.

I finally get it and there it goes. I had one cup in hand and the other one pretending to add effects. The promoter and his friends are laughing at what is going on. As I'm playing I look up to the crowd and smile but then realize quickly that one cup was not enough so I carefully placed on the side and grabbed the next one. I was afraid I might get shocked or some shit since I was playing and peeing at the same time. At this point I began to get more confident with my multi-tasking and start hitting effects with one hand and holding the cup with the other. I'm on cup three when the photographer asked to come on stage lucky for me the promoter was there to block him from coming in. The photographer decided to come up in the front as I was on my third cup and snap a picture. I have a shocked look on my face as he is taking the picture and I'm realizing cup three was filling! Pic was over with and now I'm on cup four and the song had one minute left. I had no idea I had to pee this bad but with my multi-tasking skills that I had acquired in cup number two I decided to mix in with one hand. As I began mixing the next track I realise that I was done peeing! I quickly zip back up before train-wrecking, almost spilling cup number four, place it to the side and keep playing. I look to my left after my amazing multi-task mix and I see a group of people pointing and laughing to my left. I had no idea what to do but the laugh with them. it was embarrassing but refreshing at the same time. I had about an hour left of my set and decided to not drink after the four cup filler.

At the end of the show I took pics with people and elbow handshook them. As we were walking out the club the photographer showed us the pictures. There was one particular picture that the promoter and I pointed out specifically right away and we laughed really hard. My face was priceless on it! Lots of things can go wrong when you are DJing. You can encounter so many problems especially embarrassing ones but I was really happy everything had worked out fine and I was really happy I did not get shocked throughout this dangerous process. Shit was crazy. Next time you DJ make sure u pee before you go on because you never know when it will flow.

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