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Real name Randolph Chabot, Deastro's music is like a half-remembered dream rolling over your imagination.

Debut album 'Moondagger' was a stunning first blast, a tapestry of samples leading to truly hallucinogenic pop music. Deastro's psych-pop influences were kept in check, flowing over some liquid electronics.

Touring across North America and Europe last year, Deastro then lost his backing band. However the redoubtable singer simply hooked up his acoustic and played a number of bewitching solo dates.

Returning with a new EP, the material was completed with his old band but released without their help.

'Mind Altar' is a bizarre, bewitching return. ClashMusic recently grabbed a free download preview of the EP - click HERE if you missed it - but we've also got an exclusive 'in the studio' report from Deastro himself.

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- - -

I was just writing a ton of music cause I was in a good mood. It was summer. I was making a ton of new friends, going to my friend Klair's house on Mondays for this vegan brunch. Me and Adam, my good friend, would just drink 40's in a kiddie pool in front of her house. We did weird shit all summer. My mind was a puddle of neon green ooze.

I would sleep in my van or crash in my parents basement. Whenever I was there I used my mom's ironing board to set up my synths and jam. It was just good to be home. I know a bunch of people from playing shows, but I had never really gone out cause I was a pretty devout Christian a few years back. Not to say that you ca't get into rock n' roll if you are Christian, but it's like a camel going through a needles eye or something. I was trying to be a witness for Jesus. I was their because I thought people needed to be changed, but I got taken to school.

There was a time that I thought I lost everything, but I think I am just immature. We have everything. We just lock it away to make some money off it or to control it. The only thing we don't have is control. I am just trying to stop acting like I have any of the answers. Everything is fluid and in the moment - improvised. I don't think 'Mind Altar' sounds like anything we are working on now. It was just the result of first wave of dust to hit my ears.

Deastro's new EP 'Mind Altar' is out now

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