Trio chat to Clash ahead of their Land of Kings set
Dark Sky

What with the clocks jumping forward recently, the Northern Hemisphere has been experiencing brighter days and less dark skies. But making up for this come Tom Edwards, Matt Benyayer and Carlo Anderson - south London’s production and DJ unit tirelessly bringing their intelligent, earthy bass sounds to the UK scene. Formed in 2009, the trio have been constantly drawing influence from various spheres – from UK garage and house, to jungle and disco. Most recently they’ve teamed up with Ben Westbeech aka Breach on a 12” as well as a Tectonic offering. Clash caught up with the trio to ask them a question or two ahead of their appearance at our Land of Kings party…

One of my favourite tracks of yours is that Kelis ‘Brave’ remix, you released that in 2010 but it sounds incredibly fresh now in 2013… How do you think you've changed in terms of production since the early days?

I think our production has simplified quite a lot, we used to try and fit as much as we could into each track whereas now our tracks are a lot more focused. 

Some bass producers have spoken about a lack of creativity, innovation and general direction in the UK scene right now, what do you think about that?

I think with any music there will always be times where the scene stagnates a little, but in turn it generally forces people to become more creative and find new sounds. That being said, I personally think that the UK scene is really exciting at the moment with producers like Midland and Throwing Snow really starting to come into their own.

You seem to be a good match stylistically with Breach, I think you really 'clicked' with him (sorry) on your collaborative 12"- how did you find working with him?

It was a real eye opening experience for all of us. Ben had a very different way of writing music to us and I think we both took a lot away from it in studio and writing techniques. It’s always exciting when someone brings something new to the table that you hadn't used before or may have just overlooked.

That recent Tectonic 12" was pretty hard-hitting percussively, and contrasts sharply with the new EP for Mister Saturday Night where the vibe feels more after-party… which direction do you see Dark Sky veering off to?

The MSN release is a lot more musical than our previous releases, as is the album we are currently working on. That being said, we have always tried to keep our music as diverse as possible, so it’s not really a change in our style, it’s just that that is what we are focusing on at the moment.  

How does the live setup integrate all three of you - how do you all fit together on stage?

We are still working on the set up for the live show but when we did a performance at the Tate Modern last year; Matt was on an electronic drum kit, Tom was playing synth and I was triggering samples. The final thing will be a lot more refined but not too dissimilar.

Can you give me your top 3 tracks of this very second? 

Carlo - Midland - Archive 01

Matt - Rocketnumbernine and Four Tet - Metropolis 

Tom - Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal

And finally, are you looking forward to playing the Clash party at Land of Kings?

Yeah definitely, I've been to Land of Kings before and really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to getting to play there this year.

Catch the trio playing at Land of Kings in Dalston on the Bank Holiday Sunday - the 5th of May. Get your paws on the final release of tickets here -

Words by Felicity Martin


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