Cali producer on the appeal of Atoms For Peace...
Tycho by Reuben Wu

We’re always talking to people about music, us. Sometimes it’s nice, too, to chat about everything else around music – and there’s where our regular Culture Clash feature comes in, here featuring Californian producer Tycho

Otherwise known as Scott Hansen, and also heavily involved in photography and graphic design, Sacramento producer Tycho has four studio albums beneath his belt – the latest, ‘Awake’, is out this week on Ghostly International and is streaming in full on SoundCloud. Which means we can pop it below, just ahead of the man’s Culture Clash selections.

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The Great Shark Hunt. I’ve never been a big reader but Hunter S Thompson’s style has always resonated with me. This is a nice compilation of some of his best work.

The Devil And Daniel Johnston has always been a favourite. It’s a very moving story.

Sony’s a7R camera. Although it is quite small, this is the most advanced camera I’ve ever used and the output is simply amazing. I used to have to lug around a big, heavy DSLR to get quality shots, so more often than not I’d just leave it at home. But the a7R goes with me everywhere now.

Word Warp for iOS. The perfect companion for long drives on tour.

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Atoms For Peace, ‘Ingenue’

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It’s impossible for me to say what my favourite album of all time is, but last year I was really inspired by Atoms For Peace’sAmok’ (review). It’s really something special to watch artists at the top of their game continually innovating and producing moving work well after many of their contemporaries have faded away.

TV show…
I’m a big fan of anything Tim Heidecker does. I think my all-time favourite was Tim And Eric Nite Live! (here), and I’ve really been enjoying On Cinema (here) lately.

Art Exhibition…
72: Otl Aicher. Aicher’s work for the 1972 Munich Olympics has always been a big inspiration for me. (link)

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Tycho, ‘Montana’, from ‘Awake’

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Photo: Reuben Wu

‘Awake’ is out now. Find Tycho online here

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