Culture Clash: George Ezra

Rising young Brit endorses children-spinning apes…
George Ezra shot by Pip

Someone, anyone, please, tell me what George Ezra likes when it comes to tellybox pictures, flappy-page stories and electronic sports… Oh, Culture Clash? Hiya! You’re looking splendid today…

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George Ezra, ‘Budapest’

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It’s a short story by Ernest Hemingway called The Old Man And The Sea. It’s a really comforting story. The majority of the book takes place on a tiny boat and documents the relationship between the old man of the title and one particular fish that he spends a long old time trying to catch. I don’t know if I’m selling it, but it really is great.

I was recently recommended a film called The Fall. I think I need to watch it once more to really get into it, but it was extremely captivating. Like a Wes Anderson film, but on a whole new level. The colours and images were a highlight. Brilliant costumes, too.

On tour, it’s surprising how many venues don’t have kettles. So unfortunately I can’t give a very interesting answer as in all honesty the gadget I use most is the lime green kettle I bought to take around with me. It took a beating recently too, so the poor thing is held together with duct tape. Is a kettle a gadget? (We’ll certainly allow it. No man should be without tea.)

St Vincent’s album, ‘St Vincent’ (review), has really dragged me in. I can’t put my finger on what it is, which is always a good thing. Maybe it’s how uncomfortable some of the sounds she uses are. It’s a very deliberately industrial sounding record, I think, and I love it.

Video game…
I’ve never cared much for games, but I guess I used to love Theme Park World. That was f*cking great! In fact, just thinking about it I might have to drag out my old PS2 and get on it. I remember one ride was a fat gorilla, and kids would sit in the bananas he was holding and he’d go mental and spin them round. Cracking.

TV series…
I’m sure there’s no need to bring this to anybody’s attention, as I came to the party late and it seemed everybody but me was already deeply involved. But Game Of Thrones had me addicted. I’ve deliberately held off from season four, so that I have something to dig into on the next run of tour dates. I think if I were in a house I’d like to be a Stark. Young George Stark, I’d be the local storyteller/ale connoisseur. 

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George Ezra’s new single ‘Budapest’ is out now, and his debut album ‘Wanted On Voyage’ is released through Columbia on June 30th. Find the Young George Stark online here

Photos: Pip / Robert Blackham

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