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ClashMusic Dj Mix Podcast - Antoni Maiovvi

Behold, listeners, for the hour of Antoni Maiovvi is upon us. And if that sounds a bit dramatic, well it’s meant to, because this is a man with more atmosphere behind his tunes than most. And when I say atmosphere, I mean weird-ass, retro-futurist trippy eighties B-movies directed by John Carpenter during a mid-life crisis. That kind of atmosphere.

So with that in mind, feast your ears on Antoni’s bizarrely named and wonderfully styled ‘Most Art Is A Murderer’ mix – exclusive to Clash, of course. Antoni’s 60 minutes perfectly demonstrate his bastardised take on Italo-disco, revelling in both smiley synthpop and far darker soundtrack scariness, with lush arpeggios flying at you from every angle.

Beginning with some horror-core sounds from Whitehouse, Antoni then lulls us into a false sense of security with Carly Simon’s ‘Why’ (yep, Carly Simon. Believe) before delving into some awesome eighties shred action and then exploring all kinds of wonky disco business, from the likes of Luke-Kerrier District-Vibert and Crazy Gang. The likes of Yellow Magic Orchestra and the Krautrock brilliance of Neu! also find their way into this thoroughly weird and totally wonderful mix.

Antoni Maiovvi’s album, ‘The Thorns of Love’ is out now. Needless to say, it’s ace.


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Antoni Maiovvi 'Most Art Is A Murderer' Dj Mix Tracklisting

1. Whitehouse - The Avalanche

2. G.A.N.G. - Incantations

3. Carly Simon - Why (Extended Version)

4. Yellow Power - Hai Samurai

5. Ruins - Fire (Antoni Maiovvi Extended Edit)

6. Kerrier District - Negresco

7. Sue Sadlow - My Man (Disco mix)

8. Crazy Gang - Every Sunday (Extended mix)

9. Doctor's Cat - Feel The Drive (Instrumental)

10. Yellow Magic Orchestra - Behind The Mask

11. Jupiter's Heroes - Learn The Dance

12. Lovelock - Pinot Grigio

13. Image - Hot Stuff (Long Version)

14. Antoni Maiovvi - The Sigh From The Sky Was A Lie Without Doubt

15. Clay Pedrini - New Dream (Instrumental)

16. Sylvester - Rock The Box

17. Harold Faltermeyer - The Discovery

18. Neu! - Im Gluck

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