Killer grooves from a Watergate resident...

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re probably not at Watergate, one of Berlin’s most highly regarded clubs. However, if you were at Watergate, there’s a good chance that what you’d be hearing wouldn’t be too far from the killer grooves that fill this exclusive mix by Swedish producer La Fleur, one of Watergate’s resident DJs.

But although you’ll frequently find this razor-sharp house and techno selector laying down a set at the Berlin nightspot, she’s just as likely to be found spinning tracks in another corner of the globe or releasing her own mesmerising material on any number of top underground labels. Then again, she might be working in her role as label manager for Power Plant Records – essentially, she’s a hard worker and it’s paid off dividends.

La Fleur’s exclusive mix for Clash starts off on the slow burn, gradually riding an uplifting, funky wave before exploring tougher, techier textures. Things then get a little deeper and hypnotic in the second half, focusing on more intense club sounds and driving rhythms.
The producer decided against supplying a tracklist, so you'll have to do your homework if you want to find out exactly what made the cut, but we can assure you that it’s a finely-crafted selection.

Listen to it now...

Words: Tristan Parker

- - -

La Fleur will be appearing at Sunscape festival, Malta, held from September 3rd - 10th. More info can be found at: La Fleur also plays the Watergate Terrace Takeover at Studio 338, London, on September 27yj. 

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