Firing up Balearic bounce and deep African grooves...
Joe Goddard x Boris Dlugosh

Joe Goddard goes head-to-head with German house producer Boris Dlugosch in this week’s Clash DJ mix, firing up Balearic bounce and deep African grooves.

Ever-busy producer Joe Goddard is never short of projects to work on or people to collaborate with, whether in Hot Chip, The 2 Bears or through Greco-Roman, the label he co-runs.

Whatever house/synth-pop/electro/Balearic cut he’s getting his fingers dirty with, it’s always worth investigating, which is also true of his latest collab – ‘Step Together’ – with house name Boris Dlugosch. Perhaps best-known for his club-crossover remix of Moloko’s ‘Sing it Back’ in 1999, Dlugosch also does a nice line in basement electro and heady house.

For their Clash mix, the pair somehow weave together Afrobeat, new wave, ‘90s high energy, deep house, bolschy beats, Balearic… You get the idea. Featured artists include ace new Planet Mu signing John Wizards, Waze & Odyssey, Boddika and Joy Orbison’s collaborative project, Actress, Claude VonStroke and plenty more.

Here are the duo themselves explaining more about their mix. First up is Goddard: “The bit I did started with me wanting to use the John Wizards’ single ‘Lusaka By Night’ – that led me to other Africa-related stuff that I thought would make for an interesting mix. I was aiming for Balearic and I think I achieved that.”

Dlugosch, on the other hand, aimed far higher: “I can’t really say much about the mix. I got up, made a tea and played my favourite current club tunes to myself. At home.”

Always nice to hear that someone’s gone that extra mile. Hope your tea didn’t go cold, Boris. But nonchalant as the approach may be, it sure works!

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‘Step Together’ appears on Joe Goddard’s ‘Taking Over’ EP and Greco-Roman compilation ‘We Make Colourful Music Because We Dance in the Dark’.

Words: Tristan Parker

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