Glistening grime sounds alongside gritty beats...

Taking the reins of the Clash DJ Mix today is forward-thinking grime-glitcher E.M.M.A, who drip-feeds us some futuristic filth.

Last year, the rising London producer’s debut album, ‘Blue Gardens’, dropped quietly but assuredly on continually impressive underground label Keysound, bewitching and delighting those who had the good fortune to hear it. Like her other productions, ‘Blue Gardens’ mashes up grime, UK funky and dubstep, but with layers of shimmering electronica and psychedelic melodies bouncing off the beats.

E.m.m.a. unveils a love for lush, synth-driven textures in her Clash mix, showcasing her own glistening grime sounds alongside gritty beats (and a few baroque vibes) and cuts from various bright lights from the underground – plucked from a range of genres – including Deptford Goth, Clams Casino, Wen and Murlo. The producer explains more below.

“I recorded the mix via candlelight in my house with nothing but a laptop for company. I always try and communicate a mood, not necessarily the mood I’m in at the time, but something people can relate to, so I’ve tried to get that across in the mix. I try and make sure it keeps people interested the whole way through, so there’s always lots going on in my music.”

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1. E.M.M.A  - Untitled 
2. Deptford Goth - Feel Real (E.M.M.A  – free download)
3. E.M.M.A - Candy Stripe 
4. E.M.M.A - Mirage 
5. E.M.M.A - Untitled
6. Murlo - Bubble it
7. Murlo -At the Knees
8. E.M.M.A - Glitter (Synthetti Western Remix)
9. Clams Casino - Crystals
10. E.M.M.A - Untitled
11. Facta - Hieroglyph
12. Wen – Don’t Waste My Time (Dub)
13. E.M.M.A - Green Light
14. E.M.M.A - Kingfisher
15. E.M.M.A - Mind Maze (Encarta 96 edit)
16. Breen - Channels
17. Sully - Simple Things
18. Octa Push - Glimpse

Words: Tristan Parker

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