Gossip singer Vs Brit designer
Beth Ditto Interviews Henry Holland

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This fashion special sees Gossip's Beth Ditto talk with UK designer Henry Holland.

Beth Ditto
The out-and-proud Gossip siren is that rarest of fashion creatures: an over-sized icon. Her own line for Evans proved as popular and fun as her music.

Henry Holland
This twenty-seven-year-old is a British style sensation, his House Of Holland line seen on every London fashionista with sense. Henry is hugely influenced by music.

The two paragons of individual and unique apparel hooked up

Henry: Are you gonna be in London for Fashion Week this season?
Beth: Yeah, can I come to your show?
Henry: Yeah, of course. We’re on September 18th. Do you love going to the shows?
Beth: I love it, I really really love it. I’m excited to see your show and I didn’t get to go to the last one but I watched it online… I really enjoy the whole thing, it is such a dream; people put so much work into it. I go to a show and look at each different piece because I can’t wear everything. I really have to look and think, ‘Okay, that is something that I could actually work with.’ So I do really pay attention.
Henry: That’s the best way to look at a show, look at the clothes and interpret it for you rather than having to comment on it or pass judgement. Go from a personal perspective and be like, ‘I love that and I could wear that.’

Beth: What are you doing right now?
Henry: I’m so busy at work. My sister’s getting married next week so I’m having to get loads of stuff done before I go for a few days. It’s in France so I have to leave the country and everything.
Beth: Are you losing your mind right now?
Henry: By the time we do the actual show we haven’t seen daylight for weeks! When it’s done there is a sense of relief, that it’s gone off and it all looks good; when you watch you can’t help to be critical and all those other things but at the same time it’s really enjoyable - I love the show, it’s the best part of what we do… It’s like when you put on a music show and rehearsals and everything…
Beth: Rehearse? What does that mean, I have no idea? I like it when things fall apart, when things go wrong at shows that’s definitely my favourite thing, so to do something like what you do blows my mind. If something has to be structured without improv... I wouldn’t know what to do. I hate practising!

Henry: Are you still doing your range with Evans?
Beth: Yeah, it’s so good, Henry. I just got a pop-up store in Selfridges.
Henry: I heard you’re launching it on Fashion’s Night Out night.
Beth: I feel really proud of myself. I’m really really happy about it. I mean your stuff is different; it’s super high end.
Henry: I do my thing with Debenhams and that’s kind of similar, a diffusion line. How often do you work with the guys at Evans, because you’re all over the world - do you send over emails and ideas?
Beth: Mostly a lot of pictures and emails. It’s hard; you have to be really patient. Also everything has to fit the right way. I did not understand how hard it is to get clothes made.

Henry: Do you use yourself as a model and do it from a personal point of view?
Beth: Well, the last collection I experimented with it a bit more to see what I could get away with. We’re talking about big girls, who have been put in the corner of a closet their whole lives and have been told that there’s a certain shape you can wear and you have to stick to that. I mean, I’ll wear anything but then I have to do stuff that won’t scare them away.

Henry: Has anyone told you to do anything about your look or what you wear, like a record label?
Beth: “We want you to be classier.” Classy? Really? Is that the best thing you could think of?
Henry: I remember when I made those clothes for you, the amazing jumpsuit and the dress.
Beth: I love the jumpsuit! You know, I have worn it so much that there are holes in the knees from me falling down in it.
Henry: One of my favourite pictures of all time is you doing a high-kick at the BRITS in it - with about five glasses of champagne in each hand!
Beth: Oh yeah! That was a good night.


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